Hi, I'm Jaabir Esau a...

Frontend Developer, Designer, Enthusiast

HTML 47%
CSS 50%
WordPress 58%
Python 38%
React 46%
Mysql 40%
Canva 43%
About me

I always had a enquiring mind for design and creativity in the development world. My spark ignited when I encounted gaming , graphic design and technology as a whole. I then took a opportunity to stir up my kindle by enrolling myself at Life Choices. This opened my curiosity.

I enjoy creating new websites and designs. I love to be artistic when it comes to designing. It drives me to do more and create better ideas.

My passion for development runs deep. Passion is real. It's authentic. It's a presentation to my work. And my journey continues...


  • The Oracle Academy high school. [2013 -2017]
  • I studied at False Bay College, Building & Civil Engineering.[2018-2019]
  • Completed a 6 months Web Development course at Life Choices.[Feb2020-July2020]

Work Experience

  • Apprenticeship at C&S projects. [March 2019- Dec 2019]
  • Intern at LCStudio. Wordpress designer [Sept2020- March2020]
  • Worked part-time for Munch Fun Foods. Markets [Weekends]


My sentiment of development.

Web Design

Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries. Design allows me to express my Ideas.

Web Development

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Web development brings life to my ideas.


A little of my Recreations.



My work